Thursday, March 17, 2011

Botany composition

                                               A Bristlecone Pine Named Methuselah

     Once upon a time a tiny seed lay on the dry earth. The seed was watching an old man build something he had never seen before and it was almost finished, right now the man was spreading pitch all over it. Then, an old woman came to the door of a nearby house and called the man, he went in and did not come out again that day. The sun went down and the moon came out followed one by one by the stars.
     In the morning the seed saw a wonderful sight: animals of every shape and size walking into the enormous thing the seed would find out was called an ark. As soon as all the animals were in, the old man whose name was Noah, along with his wife and three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives entered the ark. Suddenly, though no one was pushing it the door to the ark closed. Everything was still, absolutely still, then without warning, the earth cracked open and water poured out of it. Water poured from the sky too and great waves crashed everywhere. Waves pounded on top of the seed and he found himself floating in tons of water. All this lasted 40 days and 40 nights. During this time, the seed began to drift toward the bottom of the great body of water that covered the whole earth and as he was in the water he began to soak up more and more and get bigger and bigger because of it. By the time he reached the bottom the 40 days and nights were well over and the earth was starting to dry. After the seed reached the bottom he began to feel a tickly sensation in the side resting on the ground. Then, roots started to emerge and grow and a tiny seedling poked its head out of the earth. That seedling grew to be a bristlecone pine named “Methuselah” and that pine is now 4,700 years old.
                      THE END

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