Monday, March 7, 2011

A Botany Narration on the Different Kinds of Pine Cones

Did you know that conifers produce two different kinds of cones? One kind is called a seed cone and it is the kind that one usually sees it is also the kind that makes the seeds. The other kind is the pollen cone. It makes pollen and is much smaller and less noticeable. In the spring the pollen cones burst open sending pollen into the air. Some lands in water some lands on the ground but some also lands in seed cones pollinating them. Once the eggs in the seed cone are pollinated it takes a year for them to turn into seeds. After the year is over on a warm, dry day the seed cone opens up and lets the seeds come out. The seeds usually have little “wings”  that they use to float to another place where they can grow into trees.

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