Friday, March 18, 2011

IEW story

                                                        Doing the Wrong Job
                                                             By, Mae

     Sox the horse had served his master faithfully and willingly since the time he was
trained. He pulled the cumbersome plow he gave the children pony rides and pulled the
wagon to market too. Sox, who was a hardworking and honest horse, loved his master dearly and because of that he wanted to do more and more for him.

     On Sunday, Sox took the family to church in the shiny, black buggy. After church he was turned out into the pasture to rest while the family ate lunch. But Sox  was never satisfied resting he wanted to keep working and helping.

     One Sunday Sox saw some crows in the garden and thought it was up to him  to help drive them out when the family wasn’t there to. He quickly jumped over the fence around the garden and galloped this way and that through the garden and the crows disappeared. “I’ve done the master a good service and have been a big help.” Sox said. But when he looked down Sox was terribly ashamed, while he had been chasing the crows away all the vegetable plants which were very tender because they had just sprouted had been trampled. The garden was ruined because of him. Instead of being pleased the master would be angry.

     When the farmer saw what had happened while he had been inside he was angry. But nobody could be very angry with Sox for long. “Never undertake a task for which you aren’t fitted and then only do a task if you are told to” the farmer said to Sox. Sox took this lesson very seriously. “I was the right horse,” he said to himself. “But I was doing the wrong job.”

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