Monday, February 21, 2011

Botany Narration

The largest trees in the world are found in the pacific northwest of the United States of America. They are called giant sequoias and are a kind of redwood. The oldest trees in the world are called bristlecone pines. They are found in California. The oldest bristlecone pine is called Methuselah and it is great evidence for the worldwide flood. Scientists have found out that it is 4,700 years old. Creationists say that is about how long ago the flood happened. The reason this is evidence for the flood is scientists say bristlecone pines could live to be a lot older than that. If the flood never happened we would find many bristlecone pines lots older than 4,700 years but we don’t.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chica's Chicks

We got our chicks on Monday morn,

what a day it was.

for the day we got them 3 did died.

though 2 did not have names

1 was named peep!

She was drowned in her own water dish!

twas a sad day

I did cry.


IEW story assignment by Mae

                                                                    The Consequences
                                                                            By, Mae
     Once there was a young boy who daily watched his father's flock of sheep. Each day he drove the sheep up to a hillside above the village where he lived because that was where the sheep pastured every day. When the sun began to get low in the sky the boy gathered his sheep and trotted down to the village. The boy was often very lonely, oh how he wished for some company. One very dreary day when he was quite lonely indeed the boy remembered something his father had told him: "you must always be on guard for a wolf  and if you do see one call out as loud as you can for help so none of the sheep will be lost."
     The boy had never seen a wolf but his father told him they were enormous and gray and looked like a dog. One day which was particularly dreary, because the boy so wished for some company he decided to pretend he had seen a wolf. WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! He clamored at the top of his lungs. all the men of the village dropped what they were doing , grabbed their guns and raced to the pasture. He was so glad to see then that they weren't very upset with him but they ordered him never to do it again. He didn't for a long time. But one day he was so completely overwhelmed with loneliness he did it again. The villagers were very upset when they couldn't find a wolf. They commanded him never to trick them again and left him in the pasture.
     He never tried to trick them again. One day as he was drowsily watching his sheep, an enormous gray wolf came sneakily out of the forest. The boy who was immediately alarmed started screaming WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! The men in the village heard him but because he had fooled them twice before they ignored him. The boy kept screaming WOLF! WOLF! WO... At this the villagers were startled. They dropped what they were doing grabbed their guns and raced to the pasture. But, alas when they got there one of the lambs had been carried off. The boy was very sorry for he knew that all this had happened as the consequence of his trickery.