Monday, February 13, 2012

Fun problem solving by Mae

Several weeks ago a favorite shirt of mine was stained. I was sad at the time but after a while, realized that I didn't have to throw it away. The stains were in such a place that I couldn't cover them with a sweater but on a purse I could cover them with a pocket.
So as you can see, I turned the shirt into a purse. I stitched a seam across the bottom of the shirt to make the main part of the bag. I then used some denim that I had as well as a ruffle and a bow from the shirt to make a big pocket on the front of the shirt.
That is the pocket up close I was so excited that it covered all the stains so well and looked so cute at the same time:).
I made a shoulder strap with some more of the denim and another bow from the shirt.
The purse had a tendency to fall open (most of my homemade purses do for some reason when I figure out why I will be very excited) so I made a simple closure with a button and another piece of denim.

I prefer round bags over square ones so I just stiched across the corners on the inside of the bag
And viola! A nicely rounded bag with no visible stains!


  1. very nice Mae, both the victory over the stain and also the writing assignment.

    love Daddy

  2. Verry well done!!
    - Susan Brackett